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The company has deep-rooted relationships with most well-known Marble quarries and Granite mines around the world for the procurement of raw material to process in Bangalore, India. We are available to help create innovative designs and manufacture according to our customer's exact requirements. It is the quality of our Granite and Marble and the variety we offer that gives us an upper edge over our competitors. Since our commencement, we have been working continuously towards achieving greater heights in terms of quality of our slabs & tiles. All our Stones are sourced directly from the mines and fabricated using state of the art technology from Italy in our processing factory based in Bangalore, India.


Our state of the art Marble and Granite processing facility helps us run our business operations efficiently and effectively. MGM infrastructure boasts of  Granite and Marble machinery from the heart of Italy to ensure the global standard of our product while constantly upgrading to the cutting edge of technology through bench-marking on internationally accepted standards. Our blend of machinery and skilled labor guarantee unmatched quality. We have a team of highly qualified professionals that work round the clock to supply Stone products that stand apart in terms of quality to our customers around the world. 


The Process

Metro Granites and Marbles ensures timely deliveries in local and worldwide markets with effective organization and delivery logistics. Global companies are increasingly reliant on logistics & supply chain management in order to keep pace with the demands of an ever-growing local & global economy. Our company understands this fact and benchmarks on information technology to ensure timely tracking and delivery which gives us a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.  We strongly believe in updating with the times and our Logistics & Supply Chain mechanisms are continuously upgraded for timely order accomplishment. We also ensure minimum resource waste and maximum optimization of routes which translates into savings on shipping costs. We scan and label each slab with a unique bar-code so that continuous tracking of each Stone is possible and the entire order cycle associated with the shipment can be monitored. 


Our company cares strongly about the environment and the environmental implications of our products and machinery. We take great measures to minimize our exposure to waste and pollution and to regulate our Carbon Footprint. MGM has been funding research to find new uses and ways to recycle the waste that we generate so that it is re-purposed in new products. We are working with Civil Engineers and Chemical PHDs to help reduce our waste impact while finding ways to treat and reuse the byproducts of our production process.

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